Multiple Teams · Football Mission Statement

Roy High Football Mission Statement

Our football family (team) can only progress with the presence of LOVE and RESPECT.  We must commit ourselves to love and respect each other to reach our full potential.  Every action must be done with the TEAM in mind!  Unwavering Loyalty to the TEAM must be built in, especially during the tough times.

We must commit to growing mentally, physically, and spiritually, and it’s important to recognize that we are students first and athletes second.  Roy High Royal football players need to personify CLASS and HUMILITY on and off the field.

Seek to get better every day and develop consistency through the relentless execution of fundamentals.  Focus on the moment and count each day as a separate life.  We will always compete with the best to become the best.  We will play with passion and deserve to be Region Champions and Utah State Football Champions.  We must realize this can only be accomplished by an extraordinary FOCUS, one step at a time.

We will respect the proud Roy High Football tradition of the past and we will provide further greatness and tradition for the future.  We will do so at all times, knowing it is our responsibility to serve as a positive role model for the youth of Weber County.  We WILL be the Class of High School Football in the State of Utah.

Why we expect certain behaviors:

Love & Respect

  • ·Think back on any team situation where you had success.

Did you love and respect each other?

  •           You can get a whole lot more accomplished with love & respect.

Act with the TEAM in mind.

  • Keep you out of  trouble.
  • Consequences affect the entire team, and not just yourself!

Loyalty to TEAM

  • Back your teammate up just like you would want him to back you up.
  • Be a player that your teammates can trust, and trust your mates.

Grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.

  • You’ll become a better person, both on and off the field.

We are students first and athletes second!

  • Grades are more important than touchdowns!
  • Recruiters ask for transcripts before they ask for film.

Personify Class and Humility.

  • People will be more willing to help and support someone with class and humility than someone that is cocky and arrogant.
  • Recruiters talk to teammates, teachers, friends, administrators, coaches, and fans about prospects they are interested in.
    Get better everyday, treat each day as a separate life, and execute fundamentals.
  • A day past without improvement is a day lost forever.
  • Focus on the moment will provide fruits in the future.
  • Execution of fundamentals wins football games.

Compete with the best to become the best.

  • Play “The Best” until you can beat them!
  • Look forward to play the champions with great enthusiasm.

Play with passion and deserve to be called Champions!

  • You are better at anything you do the minute you become passionate about it.
  • Have fun playing this great game and be ready to give something back to make it better for others.
  • Be a Champion that others want to be, and not a champion that others want to see fail.

Focus, one step at a time!

  • Know that we must take care of today in order to succeed tomorrow.

Be proud and respect the Roy High Football tradition.

  • Realize the sacrifices the players before you endured to get the program to the level they wanted.
  • Do not take for granted the positive attitude that surrounds you.

Be ready to maintain and create tradition for the future.

  • It is your obligation to get and keep Roy High Football rolling.
  • Give your school, community, parents, and siblings something to be proud of.

Be a positive role model!

  • Be someone that the kids of the Weber Countycan look up to.
  • Be someone that your little brother can look up to with pride!

If you can do all this, YOU will be the CLASS of high school football in the State of Utah!!!