Royals News · 2020 RHS Senior Athlete Award Application

Attention RHS Senior Athletes:

Hope you are well Royals!  Attached is the 2020 RHS Senior Athlete Award application if you would like to apply!  Please complete the application and email it to Coach Puzey at: on or before Monday, May 18th!  We always have more athletes worthy of recognition than we can recognize, so thank you for applying even if we cannot recognize you with one of the awards.  Three female athletes and three male athletes will be selected and recognized with one of the following awards: Royal Scholar-Athlete (GPA/ACT, Honor/Ap/Concurrent Courses, etc), Royal Distinguished-Athlete (Combination of school, athletic performance, and citizenship/community service, etc), and Royal Outstanding-Athlete (all-round athlete/performer).

Again, you MUST return your completed application on or before Monday, May 18th to Coach Puzey at:

Thanks and Go Royals Go- Choose To Roar!!!

2020 RHS Senior Athlete Award Application