Royals News · Important UHSAA Memo and attached Return to Sport Guidelines

Important UHSAA Memo and attached Return to Sport Guidelines


UHSAA Return-to-Play Guidelines


July 9, 2020


UHSAA Principals and Athletic Directors—


In a meeting Thursday, the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) Board-of-Trustees moved to continue statewide plans to begin the Fall season of education-based activities in Utah as scheduled, in accordance with plans to return to in-person or blended learning at high schools across the state. The Association’s governing board also affirmed a stance of allowing schools and local school districts, in conjunction with local government leaders and health department officials, to determine whether participation in high school activities is allowable and advisable under statewide and local guidelines. The Board-of-Trustees will meet in late July to continue dialogue regarding statewide health recommendations and best practices.


Attached to this email is a listing of recommendations and best practices from the UHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee.


A reminder to member schools that between now and the start dates for fall sports, the UHSAA Out of Season Policy is in effect.  This means that coaches must continue to have the approval of their school and district to operate any contact in accordance with all state and county health department guidelines and restrictions.


The UHSAA Board of Trustees will meet on Tuesday, July 28, to review the status of fall sports and continue dialogue on best practices.


The annual Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (UIAAA) Conference is scheduled for August 5-8, 2020 at the Embassy Suites—10333 South Jordan Gateway, South Jordan.


The UHSAA encourages all member schools to participate in the conference. UHSAA staff will be providing two general sessions during the conference, including a training on procedures and practices concerning fall sports. There will also a Q&A on ongoing UHSAA initiatives such as the ones described in this memo to member schools.  The two general sessions will serve as the fall training for member schools.


Summer Reminders—


  • The August moratorium for swimming have been discontinued for 2020 by UHSAA Executive Committee decision.


  • Scholastic eligibility regulations for the first grading period of the 2020-2021 school year will be waived unless a school or district deems a student academically ineligible. Scholastic eligibility regulations will apply for all students beginning the second grading period of the 2020-2021 school year.



As part of the UHSAA Executive Committee’s ongoing emphasis on the successful certification of UHSAA coaches, as required by Utah State Board of Education (USBE) rule, the Association will be requiring the use of credentials to coach in all UHSAA postseason events. In conjunction, the UHSAA will only send credentials to coaches who have successfully completed all certification requirements and entered the information in the RegisterMyCoach system. A reminder that all coaches (head, assistant, volunteer) must be certified to coach in the UHSAA. 


UHSAA Athletic Directors should do the following to order credentials for their school coaches:


  1. Compile a list of all fall, winter, and spring coaches
  2. Go to enter the information for each coach into the database spreadsheet. The password is ‘UHSAACoach’. Please have a picture of each individual to attach to each credential application.
  3. The UHSAA will provide regular checks of the RegisterMyCoach system and will order credentials on the following dates for this season:


–       July 17

–       August 1

–       August 14

–       September 8

–       October 30

–       November 13

–       December 4

–       January 22

–       February 19

–       March 5

–       March 19

–       April 16


The UHSAA will mail credentials once they are received by the Association office, which is typically 10-15 business days after ordering. Please note that credentials will not be sent to the school for an individual until they have completed certification in the RegisterMyCoach system. As a reminder, coaches in all sports will be required to have a credential to coach in UHSAA postseason events. 



As a reminder, the UHSAA is utilizing MaxPreps as the official schedule provider for the Association’s RPI. All UHSAA member schools must have their schedules for varsity team sports listed in MaxPreps before competition, with regular maintenance of the schedule for accuracy.



In order to receive all UHSAA communications, UHSAA member schools are required to have updated directories in RMA, MaxPreps and the UHSAA website by August 1. Please ensure that all of your contacts, including admins and coaches, are accurately listed in these systems. The UHSAA uses RMA and MaxPreps to communicate with coaches and athletic directors regarding sport-specific information and postseason information, so it is critical the contacts in these sports are accurate.


Officials Registration—

The 2020-2021 Officials Registration opens on July 1, 2020 at Please take advantage of the discount for registering prior August 1, 2020.


As always, if you have any questions please contact the Association office at 801-566-0681 or visit with a member of the staff via email.